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I have been using Talkster for quite a while and am extremely pleased with the quality, service and price. The classes are all with high-quality native speakers and are adapted to ensure the English is “lively” and includes all sorts of nuances of the language.


Igor Kapustin, CEO Esforus

Talkster is a fantastic and unique project, which helps people improve their language level, even if you do not talk to foreigners or in English that often in real life. It is very easy and convenient to plan classes, even when I have a heavy workload.


Anastasia Dutova, Designer, MakeLove Agency

For me speaking directly with a native speaker is the best way to start speaking English. With Talkster.co the classes are conducted in a simple, yet interesting format with very engaging and interesting native speaker teachers – which makes it doubly good.



Alexander Danilin, CTO Kula Tech

Corporate customers:

1. Diagnosis & learning plan

Together we identify your needs and devise a learning plan.

2. Native Speaker

We help you identify the right native speaker teacher.

3. Classes begin

You take your classes and receive regular feedback.

4. Result

Talkster teaches you to speak English properly.

Using manageable 5-class courses, we match your English-language needs to the most appropriate English native speaker teacher, helping you define your aims and a learning plan.

Over the course of your classes with native English speakers, you deepen and develop your use and understanding of English through real conversation practice – with advice and corrections for your grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation underpinning structured discussion on themes that are relevant to your areas of interest.

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Who are our native speakers?

All our native speakers are part of our carefully selected community. They are all bright and motivated, interesting individuals who are studying or have studied at top universities. We select them on the basis of their background, experience and ability to communicate effectively and inspire our learners.

What time can I select to have my class?

Our classes last for 45 minutes, which is what we consider the best length of time for people to focus their speaking on a useful topic without losing concentration. Our speakers select the times convenient for them, and you tell us when it suits you to have a class. We want you to have the best suited native speaker for your class, and are constantly working to increase availability and help you achieve the standard you require in English.

How do I book my class?

You choose a time, a topic that you need or want to discuss, and a speaker – if you see the one you want; you then fill in our form, providing your Skype username and pay for your class.

How do I pay for my class?

At the moment we only accept online payment, which can by made using any major credit or debit card (Visa, Mastercard) – or via PayPal. When you have completed the order form, you are taken automatically to the payment screen.

How do I know when my class is confirmed?

As soon as your payment is processed, your order is confirmed. You will receive confirmation via email with all the details of your class. All you then need to do is be sure you are online via Skype at the chosen time, having accepted the contact request by your chosen native speaker.


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Specialised Class

Sector-specific coaching
  • A specialist in your field
  • Prepare specialist topics
  • Learn specialist vocabulary
  • Sector-specific advice
  • Full membership benefits
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Some of our speakers:

Our teachers are intelligent, motivated people – like yourselves – who have useful cultural and intellectual insights to share in addition to their native language skills.

Learners of all levels can be matched with the right speaker from the UK or the US, to make them get a real result with their English language. Break through the language barrier and get signed up with Talkster today!

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